Disgraced Football Coach Resigns From School Board

Disgraced football coach resigns from school board

The disgraced former head coach of a college American football team in Tokyo has resigned from the school's board as controversy continues over a malicious foul.

Nihon University's board of directors on Friday approved Masato Uchida's resignation as managing director.

Uchida stepped down as head coach on May 19th following public uproar over the dangerous foul committed by one of his players in a match earlier in the month.

The defender tackled the quarterback of Kwansei Gakuin University from behind long after he'd passed the ball, causing injuries that took 3 weeks to heal.

Uchida has denied ordering the late hit, contradicting claims by the defender that he was instructed by the coaches to crush his opponent.

The Tokyo-based Kantoh Collegiate Football Association decided last Tuesday to expel Uchida -- its highest form of punishment.

Nihon University has issued a statement offering renewed apologies to the injured player, his parents and the Kwansei Gakuin team.

It also apologized to Nihon University students and faculty for the trouble caused.

The university says it launched a third-party panel of 7 lawyers on Thursday to conduct a fact-finding probe.