Earlier Start For Tokyo Olympic Marathon

Earlier start for Tokyo Olympic marathon

Tokyo Olympic officials are likely to move the starting time of the Olympic marathon to around 6 in the morning to avoid the expected severe heat during the day.

The organizers had decided to start the marathon at 7 AM. They were calling for daylight savings time to be introduced for the 2020 summer when the Games will be held.

But they announced the possible change on Wednesday after a panel of the governing Liberal Democratic Party abandoned the idea of introducing daylight savings time.

The Tokyo game's Director General Toshio Muto said the organizers will discuss starting the event earlier, noting that the wellbeing of the runners is the most important thing.
They are expected to put the new time in place due to the expected impact on the athletes and medical concerns.

The organizers say they will discuss the issue with related sports associations and the International Olympic Committee, hoping to make a final decision before next spring when tickets go on sale.

They will also discuss the men's 50-kilometer walk event which is now scheduled to start at 6 AM to avoid some of the severe heat.