Ex - Amateur Boxing Chief Quits All Posts

Ex-amateur boxing chief quits all posts

The Japan Amateur Boxing Federation says its former chief Akira Yamane has quit the other amateur boxing bodies he belonged to and resigned from senior posts.

The JABF announced on Wednesday that Yamane revealed his resignations to JABF managing director Teruo Yoshimori.

Federation officials say the former chief told Yoshimori that he had already resigned as chief of the amateur boxing governing body of the Kansai region around Osaka in western Japan, and as honorary head of the organization in Nara Prefecture near Osaka.

Yamane also informed Yoshimori of his intention not to have any relationships with any amateur boxing bodies.

Last week, Yamane announced his resignation from the head of the JABF at a news conference.

He admitted to misappropriating a subsidy granted to an amateur boxer. He also acknowledged a longtime friendship with a former gangster boss.