Family Names Karate Club In Memory Of Daughter

Family names karate club in memory of daughterA family who recently moved to Green Country shares their story about how the tragic death of a loved one brought them here.
We spoke to the father who said their mission in Oklahoma is to spread his daughters' love of karate with others.

The sport of martial arts means something special to the Crosby family. It's a lifestyle David Crosby, his wife and his kids shared together before their family was torn apart.

"When her life was taken in a tragedy several months ago we stopped. When it happened we stopped," Crosby said.

In May 2014 Crosby's 10-year-old daughter Seleny Joanne died after a school bus hit her seconds after she got off another bus. The accident happened in front of her loved ones. During her short life her father said Seleny embraced dojo martial arts and was a true champion in the sport.

"We went to tournaments in Texas, Utah, and Colorado. She won medals. We have the medals here," Crosby said.

Her sudden death halted the family's passion for the sport. They closed down their dojo in Utah and later moved to broken arrow.

Now a few months later Seleny's father, mother, twin sister and her other siblings are back on the mat. Stretching, kicking and picking up where they left off. The action happening at their new dojo SJ Karate, named in honor of their little angel.

"That's what she wanted and that's why we keep moving on moving forward. We know that she is in a better place. We know that she is probably looking at us right now. We know that she is happy knowing we are opening a new dojo in her name her memory SJ, Seleny Joanne," Crosby said.

The grand opening of SJ Karate is this Saturday at 11 am. It's located at 1603 S Main St. in Broken Arrow. For more information you can call 918-935-5903.