Fifa Closes On Dates For Taboo - Breaking World Cup In Qatar

FIFA closes on dates for taboo-breaking World Cup in QatarThe World Cup in Qatar keeps provoking outrage and breaking taboos.
Seven years before the 2022 tournament kicks off in the wealthy emirate, FIFA recommended a break with soccer tradition on Tuesday -- moving its marquee tournament to November and December instead of the usual June-July time slot.

A FIFA task force meeting in Doha agreed that playing in the cooler months at the end of the year would protect players and fans from 40-degree C (104-degree F) heat in Qatar's summer. But the decision angered many in Europe because highly profitable leagues will be shut down for several weeks in the middle of their seasons.

"We expect the clubs to be compensated for the damage that a final decision would cause," European Club Association chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, a former Germany great, said in a statement.