Gran Naniwa Japanese Wrestler

Gran Naniwa Japanese WrestlerGran Naniwa , born on February 15th 1977 , was a Japanese professional wrestler.

Naniwa was known for his comedic performances and outrageous attire while performing mannerisms of crabs, which was reflected upon in the design of his wrestling mask.

Naniwa debuted professionally in 1993 in Michinoku Pro Wrestling, immediately making an impact as one of the most popular faces within the company.

His first major attempt at becoming a top performer saw him compete in the 1995 Super J Cup. Naniwa managed to get to the quarterfinals, but he was later eliminated by Jushin Liger, who later went on to win the Super J Cup.

After this, Naniwa took a brief hiatus for a few years but made his return in 2006, again under his Gran Naniwa ring name, competing in a match for New Japan Pro Wrestling's now defunct WRESTLE LAND "brand".

Naniwa passed away on October 6th due to a Myocardial Blockage at the age of 33.

Gran Naniwa Fighting Style

Finishing moves

Clutch de Naniwa (Modified arm wrench inside cradle)
Driver de Naniwa (Sitout scoop slam piledriver)
Spinning gutwrench powerbomb

Signature moves

Crab Walk (Naniwa walks sideways on the top rope before hitting an elbow drop)
Double underhook DDT
Emerald flowsion

VIDEO Gran Naniwa