Hakuho Breaks Own Record For Perfect - Score Titles

Hakuho breaks own record for perfect-score titlesYokozuna Grand Champion Hakuho has set a new personal record in the Summer Grand Sumo Tournament by winning a 12th title without a single loss.

He secured the tournament title on Saturday.

Hakuho set the record by beating fellow Yokozuna Kakuryu on the final day of the 15-day event on Sunday.

This is his 37th career tournament title and his first perfect-score win since January 2015.

Hakuho said at the award ceremony that it's nice to win the title with a clean slate. He also said he struggled with his injury, but once he was on the ring, he felt as if he were a different person.

He added that he was determined to perform well before entering his 10th year in sumo's highest-ranking position in the next tournament.

The yokozuna said he wants to take a rest now.