Hakuho Returns To Win Column To Remain One Up On Day 11

Hakuho returns to win column to remain one up on Day 11Mongolian yokozuna Hakuho overpowered Myogiryu on Sept. 25 to avoid a second straight defeat and head into the final four days of the Autumn Grand Sumo Tournament with a one-win lead.

After being stunned by Goeido the day before, Hakuho was in no mood to take any chances and quickly got a double-arm hold of the sekiwake wrestler and tossed him to the dirt to improve to 10-1. Myogiryu briefly had the crowd at Tokyo's Ryogoku Kokugikan thinking another upset was in the making, but couldn't break free from the yokozuna's grip and dropped to 5-6.

Hakuho, who is bidding for his fourth straight Emperor's Cup, has a one-win lead over yokozuna Harumafuji and ozeki Kisenosato.

In other major bouts, Mongolian Harumafuji, who has the air of someone fighting for his life, posted a hard-fought win over Goeido to stay one win off the pace at 9-2.

Harumafuji raised the ire of sumo officials with a sub-par 10-5 record at the Nagoya tournament in July and is eager to finish with a respectable record in this tournament.

Sekiwake Goeido pushed Harumafuji back after the face-off, but couldn't pull off another major upset and has a record of 7-4.

Ozeki Kisenosato deployed an arm thrust to the neck to send Kaisei over the edge and stay one win off the pace at 9-2. Fourth-ranked maegashira Kaisei was handed his fifth loss against six wins.

Mongolian ozeki Kakuryu kept his title hopes alive when he shoved out Takarafuji to improve to 8-3. Takarafuji, a No. 3 maegashira, stands at 1-10.

Ozeki Kotoshogiku bounced back from two straight losses when he used an arm throw to send Chiyotairyu down while improving to 7-4. Third-ranked maegashira Chiyotairyu fell to 3-8.

No. 5 maegashira Amimishiki stayed in the title chase when he forced out top maegashira Shohozan to improve to 8-3. Shohozan fell to 5-6.

No. 13 maegashira Endo, who won the juryo title at the Nagoya tournament in July, improved to 8-3 after using an arm throw to defeat sixth-ranked maegashira Kyokutenho, who dropped to 7-4.

Eighth-ranked maegashira Yoshikaze pulled out of the tournament on Sept. 25 with a hand injury.

The 31-year-old suffered a broken bone in his right hand in a defeat the previous day to Jokoryu and will require surgery, according to his stable.

Yoshikaze stands at 6-5 after forfeiting the Sept. 25 match to Toyohibiki, who improved to 5-6.