Hakuho Wins 1,000th Bout In Sumo's Top Division

Hakuho wins 1,000th bout in sumo's top division

Sumo grand champion Hakuho notched an unprecedented 1,000th victory in the sport's top division on his way to claiming his record 41st Emperor's Cup at the autumn tournament on Saturday.

The Mongolian yokozuna finished the previous day with a record of 13 wins and no losses, followed by ozeki champions Takayasu and Goeido with 11 wins and 2 losses.

On the 14th day on Saturday, Hakuho beat Goeido in the final bout, securing his first title in 5 tournaments and his 41st overall.

The Grand Champion said he is relieved to have won the title, and that it feels great to reach his goal of 1,000 wins in the Makunouchi division.

He added that the record 41st title, which took him 5 tournaments to win, is especially precious.