Humboldt Karate Club Hosting Provincial Karate Tournament Saturday

Humboldt Karate Club Hosting Provincial Karate Tournament SaturdayThe Saskatchewan Karate Association has chosen Humboldt as the location for this year's provincial spring karate tournament.
The Humboldt Karate Club is hosting the event at Humboldt Collegiate Institute this Saturday.
HKC Instructor Bryce Nagy gave us the details for the day.

"We'll have the adult black belts competing at 9 in the morning and that's pretty exciting to watch and we've got at least four or so students from town here that will be representing so it should be exciting to watch them as well."

The club is expecting to host around 50 competitors at the event that will be in the city for the first time ever.

Nagy said him and his students are very excited for the weekend, "they've been working hard, we just had a local tournament in Saskatoon with the club I train with there and three of my kids went there and they all did very well so we have some good competitors going in to represent Humboldt for sure."

Clubs will be coming in from around the province including Saskatoon, Regina, and Wadena.