Japan Beats Russia In Rugby

Japan Rugby SquadLeft winger Alisi Tupuailai scored a hat-trick to lead Japan to a 75-3 victory over Russia in a rugby union test match at the Prince Chichibu stadium on Saturday.

The Japanese - who were shut out by Samoa in the second half a week ago - made no mistakes this time, with Tupuailai scoring a try five minutes into the match. From then on, the team never looked back.


Stand-off Bryce Robins and right centre Koji Taira scored two tries each, while four other players were on target for a total of 11 tries.

Advertisement: Story continues below "I'm a little bit happier than last week. There was double pressure on the team today. We wanted to get back to playing a Japanese style of rugby and in addition we made a lot of changes," said Japan coach John Kirwan.

"Today was about answering some questions for the World Cup next year and I was very happy with the new players.

"I told the players at halftime that in a game like this they need to keep their structure.

"So I'm happy we kept sticking at what we wanted to do. We made some mistakes but we scored some good tries. The real positive from today was that a number of guys put their hand up for next year," he added.

The Russians managed to score one penalty through scrum half Alexander Yanytushkin at the end of the first half to avoid a whitewash.

Russia coach Nikolay Nerush lamented: "We couldn't keep up with the quick tempo that Japan played. It's the end of the season for us and the players aren't in the best condition."

"After 10 minutes or so we started making a lot of mistakes. It's not good but there is not much we can do about it," he said