Japan Olympic Museum Shown To Media

Japan Olympic Museum shown to media

The Japan Olympic Museum will open in Tokyo on September 14. Members of the media were given a preview on Monday.

The museum, operated by the Japanese Olympic Committee, is located near the main stadium for next year's Olympics and Paralympics in Tokyo.

The exhibits include Olympic torches used in previous Games, as well as posters for the "1940 Tokyo Olympics" that were cancelled after war broke out between Japan and China.

Visitors can watch videos that show memorable scenes from previous Olympics.

The museum also has a section where visitors can experience shooting and ski jumping using the latest digital technology.

Part of the museum ceiling is made from trees, the seeds of which were brought by athletes from overseas for the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. The trees were grown over five decades in Engaru Town in the northern prefecture of Hokkaido.

Elementary school children, including those from the town, were also invited to Monday's preview. They were briefed about the exhibits and played sports together.

The admission fee of the museum is 500 yen, or nearly five dollars, for adults. Senior high school students and younger children are admitted free of charge.