Japan Ready To Host 2022 World Cup If Qatar Is Stripped Of Rights

Japan ready to host 2022 World Cup if Qatar is stripped of rightsHosting the 2020 Olympics? No problem. Taking over the 2022 World Cup? Piece of cake! The Japan Football Association has said that Japan is ready to take over from Qatar should FIFA decide to strip the Middle Eastern country of the hosting rights due to various corruption allegations.

JFA president Kuniya Daini said that since Tokyo will be hosting the Olympics two years before the 2022 World Cup, they have the best qualifications to host the world’s biggest football competition. “If FIFA look for an alternative country, we already have the stadiums that would meet the criteria to host it,” he said. However he also admits that this situation would be highly unlikely, despite the various controversies that Qatar is facing. FIFA’s ethics committee is currently looking into the bidding process that Qatar won, which has been hounded by allegations of bribing and corruption.