Japan Rugby Slogan 'one Team' Picked In Contest

Japan Rugby slogan 'One Team' picked in contest

The slogan of Japan's national rugby team for the 2019 Rugby World Cup, "One Team," has been selected as the top buzzword of the year in an annual year-end event.

The most memorable words and phrases of the year in Japan were announced on Monday in Tokyo.

Japan's national rugby team made the final eight in the World Cup for the first time under the mantra which represents unity among its players.

University of Tokyo Professor Emeritus Kang Sang-jung is a member of the panel that selects the words of the year.

Kang said his panel makes a point of selecting uplifting and encouraging words.

He added the words "One Team" embodied unity in diversity in Japan's new era of Reiwa and that he believes people in the country well understood its significance.

Japan Rugby Football Union President Shigetaka Mori expressed gratitude for the award.

Mori said the catch phrase of this year's World Cup was "Once in a Lifetime." But he said Japan might bid to host the event again in a few decades because he never imagined it would excite the country like it did.

He added he hopes the national team will do better in the 2023 France World Cup.