Japan Soccer Coach: 'give It Their All' In France

Japan soccer coach: 'give it their all' in France

Japan's women's soccer team coach says she wants her players to "give it their all" in the World Cup in France.

Coach, Asako Takakura and captain, Saki Kumagai, spoke to reporters in Paris on Sunday, a day before playing Argentina in their first match.

Takakura said her players are joining the event in great shape. She said the first match will be tough, but that she will guide them to make full use of their skills.

Takakura also referred to the average age of the Japanese players as being about 24 -- the second lowest in the competition.

She said she wants the young players to grow through the event. She said Japan has won the World Cup once and that the team is determined to win it again.

Captain Kumagai said the team is focused on gaining the three points for a win.

Argentina's coach, Carlos Borrello told reporters that he's expecting a tough game. He said speed and rhythm will be the key to counter Japan's high organization, and that passing will be particularly important.