Japanese Finish 1st And 2nd At French Grand Prix

Japanese finish 1st and 2nd at French Grand Prix

16-year-old Japanese figure skater Rika Kihira has secured her place at the Grand Prix final after winning her second gold at a qualifier on Saturday in Grenoble, France.

Kihira was placed second following the short program at the Internationaux de France on Friday.

At the beginning of her free skate performance on Saturday, she lost her balance in landing a triple axel. She changed the next triple axel to a double and added a triple toe loop to make it a combination.

Kihira scored 138.28 in the free skate, with 3 successful jumps in the latter half of the program. Her total score was 205.92.

It is her debut season in the senior division.

Fellow Japanese and short-program leader Mai Mihara scored the highest level ratings for her spins but some of her jumps were judged under-rotated.

The 19-year-old finished second, scoring 134.86 for her free skate and 202.81 for a total.

Another Japanese skater, 17-year-old Marin Honda finished 6th.

PyeongChang Olympics' silver medalist Evgenia Medvedeva finished 4th with the score of 192.81.

In the men's division Nathan Chen of the United States won the gold, while Japan's Keiji Tanaka finished 8th.