Karate: Black Belts Mark Duo's Successful Comeback

KARATE: Black belts mark duo's successful comebackTWO students from Torbay Karate Club have become the latest to gain their black belts – having both had more than 20 years out of the sport.
David Knight and Marie Hubbard both gained their first dan belts after coming through rigorous tests under Andy Sherry and Frank Brennan last month.

For Knight, 53, it has been a long journey, as he took up karate as a teenager, more than 40 years ago, before having a 26-year break from the sport.

He said: "As a teenager I began my journey in karate under sensei Bob Davies back in the 1970s, where I attained my 7th kyu yellow belt in Shotokan karate.

"When I left school in 1976 I lost touch with karate but never forgot about it.

"In July 2002, while approaching my 42nd birthday, I tracked down my sensei (Bob Davies) and resumed my training.

"Since then, sensei Bob has trained and guided me."