Karate Kids Find Their Own Spirit Level

Karate kids find their own spirit levelAn award-winning karate instructor is coaching young fighters to respect the spiritual side of the sport.
Charles Hunter, who runs Ronin Karate Club in Govanhill, encourages the club's members to explore the deeper discipline of the martial art.

The 61-year-old electrician, who is originally from area but now lives in East Kilbride, said that's what drew him to karate as a schoolboy.

He said: "I liked karate more than other martial arts because karate was teaching more about control, and the other ones were just teaching more about hurting people."

He soon became immersed in the spiritual element that makes up the other half of the sport's full name, karate-do, and find others often embark on a similar journey.

Charles said: "At the beginning I don't think they realise there is that aspect of karate, they only see the aspect of defending themselves, getting themselves fit.