Ldp To Discuss Daylight Savings For 2020 Olympics

LDP to discuss daylight savings for 2020 Olympics

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has suggested that the Liberal Democratic Party discuss a proposal to introduce daylight savings time for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Abe met with Tokyo Games officials at the prime minister's office on Tuesday. They included the Games' organizing committee chairman Yoshiro Mori, who is a former prime minister, and Toshiaki Endo, the former minister in charge of the Games who now heads the task force to carry them out.

Mori reiterated his request for daylight savings as part of efforts to address expected high temperatures during the Games.

Abe said he has heard that the public is welcoming the idea of introducing daylight savings time. He added that the Cabinet will consider the matter, but that he wants the Liberal Democratic Party to discuss it first.

After the meeting, Mori told reporters that he wants the change to be introduced for the Tokyo Games as a legacy for Japan.

Endo suggested that a group of Diet members would be set up that may submit a bill aimed at introducing the measure.

Some government officials are cautious about changing the clocks. They say time is limited to prepare for the change, which could also affect the economy and peoples' lives.