Mayor Recovers After Collapsing In Sumo Ring

Mayor recovers after collapsing in sumo ring

A city mayor in Kyoto Prefecture has returned to work after collapsing in a sumo ring in April.

Manazuru Mayor Ryozo Tatami suddenly collapsed while making a speech at a sumo event in the city.

The incident caused controversy because a Japan Sumo Association tradition bars women from entering the "sacred" ring.

The association's referee urged some women, who had entered the ring to give the mayor emergency treatment, to immediately leave the ring.

The mayor later had an operation for a subarachnoid hemorrhage. He had been resting at home since that time.

Tatami held a news conference on Thursday, after he returned to his official duties for the first time in 3 months.

He said the tradition which bans women from the ring is out of date. He added that providing treatment is the top priority in emergencies, and that it should not matter whether providers are women or men. He said the women who rushed to help him must have felt obliged to do so because they are professional nurses.

Tatami also said that, while he does not blame the referee for complying with the sport's tradition and telling the women to leave the ring, over time some traditions and rules need to be changed.

The mayor said that it may be time for the sumo association to reconsider the tradition that bans women from entering the ring.