Mlb: Tanaka Allows 3 Runs, Yankees Lose 7 - 2 To Mets

MLB: Tanaka allows 3 runs, Yankees lose 7-2 to MetsMasahiro Tanaka is staying away from one pitch and working on another.
Tanaka allowed three runs and four hits while pitching into the fifth inning Wednesday for the New York Yankees in a 7-2 loss to the rival Mets.

The Japanese ace is not using his higher speed four-seam fastball and instead is focusing on a slower two-seam sinker.

"A lot of the four-seamers had been hit hard last year," Tanaka said through a translator. "I'm not a pitcher that throws 95 every single pitch."

Yankees manager Joe Girardi said Tanaka is trying to improve his game.

"I think there's room for both," Girardi said. "Sometimes you get some quick outs with sinkers. There's more movement."