New Guide Offers Practitioners New Growth In Karate

New Guide Offers Practitioners New Growth in KarateWith the publication of his new manual “Jukan-Do Karate” (published by AuthorHouse), author and dojo master Joseph A. Leonard offers his own form of self-defense to a far larger audience. With backgrounds in both freestyle karate and Shotokan karate, Leonard is uniquely qualified to master this new form.

Joseph started to develop Jukan-Do Karate in Bridgeport, Conn., in 1958 and has continued to the present day. “Jukan-Do Karate” is for all martial artists – The Way of Ten. This form of martial arts consists of discipline, basic, self-defense, kata, sparring, bo staff, escrima sticks, samurai sword, sliding block-punching and throwing techniques.
Students must prepare themselves for Jukan-Do Karate with development of exercise, concentration, focus, speed, strength, timing, balance, flexibility and memory. Students must practice daily and must strive for a common goal.
“In time,” Leonard says, “the body and mind will develop as one.”