Nihon Univ. Football Team Member May Have Lied

Nihon Univ. football team member may have lied

NHK has learned that a member of a college football team may have lied in a statement that led to the recognition that former coaches instructed a player to commit a dangerous tackle during a game.

A Nihon University player injured a Kwansei Gakuin University quarterback in a tackle long after the ball was passed during an inter-college game in May.

Nihon University's third-party panel, after hearing from about 100 people, decided that former head coach Masato Uchida and former coach Tsutomu Inoue had ordered the hit.

A team member told the panel that he heard Inoue saying "he did it," and Uchida saying "yes, he did" after the dangerous tackle was committed.
But later, the team member reportedly told police he had lied to protect his teammate.

Police in Tokyo investigated the case after the father of the injured player filed a criminal complaint against the 2 former coaches.

They decided not to build a case since they found no clear evidence incriminating the former coaches.

They plan to submit a report soon on their decisions and opinions to the Public Prosecutors Office.