Nihon Univ. Football Team Recruiting New Coaches

Nihon Univ. football team recruiting new coaches

Nihon University is recruiting new coaches to rebuild its scandal-hit American football team. Former players on the team will not be considered.

The university announced on its website on Tuesday that it will accept applications through June 28th.

The team's former head coach, Masato Uchida, and others resigned last month amid a public uproar over a dangerous foul committed by a player.

In a game in May, a Nihon University defender tackled the opposing team's quarterback from behind long after he had passed the ball. The resulting injuries took 3 weeks to heal.

The defender said he had acted on orders from his coaches.

The university has been trying to select suitable personnel to rebuild the team. It decided to look outside the team's circle after those efforts hit the wall.

It is asking applicants to submit in writing what kind of team they'd like to build, together with their personal histories. Prospective coaches will be chosen based on a screening of those documents and an interview.