Nishikori Turns Down Citizen Awards As Still Working Toward Goals

Nishikori turns down citizen awards as still working toward goalsJapanese tennis star Kei Nishikori, who recently played his way to the U.S. Open men's singles final, has turned down two citizen awards, saying he is still working toward his goals and feels it is too early for such honors.

On Sept. 17, the Shimane Prefectural Government announced it was calling off an honorary citizen award for Nishikori, who was born in the city of Matsue in the prefecture, after he refused the decoration.

According to the prefectural government, Nishikori said, "I'm honored, but I'm still working toward my goals, including becoming the world's top ranked player. My honest feeling is that (an honorary award) is appropriate when someone has finished a part of their career."

The city of Matsue was also considering giving Nishikori a citizen's award, but canceled it after receiving the same response from Nishikori.