No Criminal Charges Against Ex - Football Coaches

No criminal charges against ex-football coaches

NHK has learned that Tokyo police are set to inform prosecutors of their decision not to charge two former coaches of a university American football team over a dangerous tackle.

A defender for Nihon University, Taisuke Miyagawa, said he committed the foul tackle in a game in May of last year on the instructions of the two former coaches. The act injured a quarterback from Kwansei Gakuin University.

Police have questioned Miyagawa, then-head coach Masato Uchida and then-coach Tsutomu Inoue on a voluntary basis and checked multiple video recordings of the game.

They concluded that they could not confirm that the two former coaches ordered Miyagawa to commit the foul.

Sources say the investigators have decided to submit a report with these views and materials to the prosecutors' office as early as Tuesday.

The police plan to send papers on Miyagawa to the prosecutors on charges of injuring the opponent. But whether to pursue a criminal charge is expected to be a careful decision as the two sides have already reached a settlement.

These procedures will bring an end to the nine-month-long investigation.