North Karate Studio Owners Honored (washington)

North karate studio owners honored (Washington) Ed and Jean DeCosta, the owners of the Okinawan Uechi Karate Dojo, 24 North Washington St., North Attleboro were presented a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Uechi Ryu Butokukai Awards Ceremony in Plaistow, N.H. Ed, a ninth dan (black belt) has been studying and teaching karate for more than 49 years and Jean, an eighth dan, has been studying for 42 years with a combined total of 91 years.
They've owned and operated the studio since 1974. Through the years they have taught hundreds of men, women and children the style of Okinawan Uechi-Shoheiryu. The DeCostas last traveled to Okinawa, Japan in 2013, when Ed was promoted to his ninth dan.