Olympic Organizers Mulling 2 More Ticket Lotteries

Olympic organizers mulling 2 more ticket lotteries

Sources say the organizers of next year's Tokyo Olympics may hold 2 more ticket lotteries after many people came up empty in the first one.

In the first lottery, millions of people are believed to have accessed the 2020 Olympic Games ticketing website before online applications were closed on May 31.

After the results were released on June 20, many applicants who got no tickets expressed disappointment on social media. This apparently prompted the games' organizers to consider more lotteries. They are said to plan to hold the second ticket lottery.

This fall, the organizing committee had planned to sell tickets on its official website on a first-come-first-served basis.

But sources say the committee may instead hold the third lottery due to concern that heavy website traffic would again make access to the site very difficult.