Otani Hopes To Reach 170 Kph On Speed Gun

Otani hopes to reach 170 kph on speed gunHokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters star hurler Shohei Otani has pitched at speeds over 160 kph last year. What will be his next goal? To surpass 170.

After attending a coming-of-age ceremony in Oshu on Sunday, the two-way player said, “It is worth pursuing 170 kph, which everyone believes is impossible to pitch.”

Otani, who turned 20 in July last year, will enter his third season as a pro in spring. “I want to outgrow myself significantly both as a pitcher and batter. If I achieve this, that means my team will be close to winning the title.”

He said he enjoyed chatting with his old friends at the ceremony. “I was able to refresh myself. I renewed my determination to make a greater effort,” he added.Speech