Plantation Karate Institute Pushes Students To Succeed

Plantation karate institute pushes students to succeedThe American International Karate Institute in Plantation again proved its ability to train students and adults to reach the highest levels in the sport as Sunrise resident Isabel Gracey was recently promoted to black belt and Plantation resident Joseph Alvarez was promoted to nidan, the second degree of black belt.

Gracey achieved the fitness level required to spar and contend with other adult students in 10 matches, which was a requirement of the second part of her test for black belt status.

Alvarez, 14, is one of only three ever to achieve the rank of nidan, second degree black belt while still a junior black belt student.

The American International Karate Institute was founded by Shihan Robert Mason in February 1980. Operating more than 20 years as the University Karate Center, Mason has trained thousands of South Florida residents. The school was renamed the American International Karate Institute after moving to its new location on Broward Boulevard in 2003.