Police Box Attacker Arrested On Leaving Hospital

Police box attacker arrested on leaving hospital

Police in Toyama Prefecture, central Japan, have arrested a man who attacked a local police box on June 26th. He killed a police officer on duty there and another person later.

22-year-old Keita Shimazu from the town of Tateyama in the prefecture is suspected of fatally stabbing the policeman at the police box in Toyama City on that day.

Shimazu snatched the officer's handgun and later shot a security guard dead at a nearby elementary school.

The suspect was shot by police who rushed to the scene and has been treated at a hospital in the city for serious injuries.

Police arrested the man on suspicion of murder and robbery on Wednesday as soon as he was discharged from the hospital. He still cannot walk due to the injuries.

Shimazu used to be a member of the Ground Self-Defense Force. He was a part timer at a fast food restaurant when he carried out the assault on the police box.

Police have learned that shortly before the attack, Shimazu punched a manager at his workplace, causing him severe injuries.