Power Failure - Hit Skating Rink In Hokkaido Reopens

Power failure-hit skating rink in Hokkaido reopens

A skating rink in Tomakomai City in Japan's northern prefecture of Hokkaido has reopened after a power failure caused by an earthquake melted the ice.

Hakucho Oji Ice Arena is the home of the Oji Eagles ice hockey team, a member of the Asia League.

The rink reopened on Monday, more than 2 weeks after the massive tremor.

A local senior high school ice hockey team practiced at the rink while checking the condition of the ice.

The team's captain said that after the quake, it truly hit them that they're able to practice thanks to the support of many people. He added that the ice felt terrific.

The Eagles' first match at the rink is scheduled for October 6th, some 2 weeks behind schedule.