Racewalker Suzuki Wins Gold, Olympic Spot

Racewalker Suzuki wins gold, Olympic spot

Japan's Yusuke Suzuki has won the men's 50-kilometer racewalking event at the track and field world championships in Qatar. He's the first Japanese athlete to win a gold medal in the event at either the world championships or the Olympics.

Suzuki's victory earns him a place in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

The race was held as the temperature rose above 30 degrees Celsius, along with high humidity.

31-year-old Suzuki led the pack from the start.

Suzuki has been focusing on the 50-kilometer race this year. He holds the Japan record for the event.

Many racewalkers dropped out due to the severe heat. Suzuki maintained his lead throughout.

He finished 40 seconds ahead of the second-place racewalker.