Resort Town Hosts Slipper Table Tennis Tourney

Resort town hosts slipper table tennis tourney

A table tennis tournament using slippers as rackets was held at a hot spring resort in the western Japanese city of Matsue.

More than 300 people, including tourists, gathered in a gymnasium in Tamatsukuri Onsen, a town known for its hot springs. Men's, women's and mixed doubles games were played in tournament style.

With slippers in hand, the players rallied and sought to deliver smashes into the opponent's court.

One participant said a slipper is more difficult to hold than a racket. Another said after a long rally that it was fun.

The city of Matsue, a committee representing a local hotel association and others hold the event annually.

Committee member Hiroki Imabayashi said people from outside the prefecture attend the event and stay overnight and that he hopes to continue holding the tournament.