Rugby World Cup: Japan Advances To Knockout Stage

Rugby World Cup: Japan advances to knockout stage

In the Rugby World Cup, Japan has beaten Scotland 28-21, advancing to the knockout stage for the first time.

The final match of the preliminary round took place at International Stadium Yokohama on Sunday.

Japan was 3-0, while Scotland was 2-1.

In the early stage of the game, Scotland scored the first try. But Japan's Kotaro Matsushima, Keita Inagaki, and Kenki Fukuoka each scored a try, and Japan took a 21-7 lead.

In the second half, Fukuoka scored Japan's fourth try to widen its lead.

Scotland later scored two tries, but Japan managed to win the game with a strong defense.

Japan earned a bonus point given to teams that score four or more tries, increasing its point total to 19.

Japan finished first in Pool A with four straight wins in the preliminary round, advancing to the final eight for the first time in its 9th appearance in the World Cup.

Japan will face South Africa in the first match of the knockout stage at Tokyo Stadium in Chofu City on October 20. South Africa finished second in Pool B.