Soccer Legend Iniesta Tries Blind Soccer

Soccer legend Iniesta tries blind soccer

The organizing committee of the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics has released a video of soccer superstar Andres Iniesta playing blind soccer.

The committee asked the former member of Spanish national team, who now plays for Vissel Kobe in Japan's top league, to help promote the Paralympic sport. It took one year to plan and make the two-minute video.

In blind soccer, visually impaired players wear eye masks and try to score goals by listening to bells placed inside the soccer balls. They also receive instructions from guides off the field.

In the video, Iniesta is wearing an eye mask and appears impressed with the ball-handling and kicking skills of the Japanese national team. His identity is revealed when he takes off the mask.

A message then appears urging people to learn more about the Paralympics.

The committee also plans to release a "making-of" video that includes Iniesta practicing the skills used in blind soccer.

Iniesta praised the Japanese players. He said blind soccer was very difficult, but he enjoyed it. He added that he looks forward to watching some matches.