Sumo: Ex - Ozeki Kaio To Form Asakayama Stable

Sumo: Ex-ozeki Kaio to form Asakayama stableFormer ozeki Kaio said Tuesday he plans to set up an independent stable separate from the Tomozuna stable under the name of Asakayama as early as next year.

The 41-year-old Kaio, who is now known as stable master Asakayama, holds the all-time record for career match wins with 1,047. He has told stable master Tomozuna of his plans and secured the plot to build his new stable in Tokyo’s Sumida Ward.

“I’ve received a lot of cooperation and been able to prepare little by little,” said Asakayama, who is in Fukuoka in preparation for the Kyushu Grand Sumo Tournament starting Nov. 10. “I have to find a lot more junior wrestlers to join the stable.”

Former ozeki Kaio, who debuted at the 1988 Spring Basho and was highly regarded for his right overarm throws, won five makuuchi championships before retiring during the 2011 Nagoya Basho. His 879 wins, 107 tournaments, and 1,444 appearances in the elite makuuchi division are all-time highs.