Sumo: Hakuho To Sit Out Next Tournament

Sumo: Hakuho to sit out next tournament

In Japan's sumo, yokozuna grand champion Hakuho will sit out the next competition because of injury.

The third of the year's six grand sumo tournaments will open in Tokyo on Sunday.

Hakuho suffered an injury to his upper right arm in his bout with another grand champion, Kakuryu, on the last day of the latest event held in Osaka in March, in which he won the Emperor's Cup and extended the number of his top division titles to 42.

Hakuho later said that his bicep muscle had been torn. He refrained from training bouts before the coming tournament. He only did basic exercises when the members of the Yokozuna Deliberation Council observed the performance of wrestlers on Monday.

Hakuho's stablemaster, Miyagino, said a doctor explained on Wednesday that it would take three weeks for the injury to heal. Miyagino said Hakuho told him on Wednesday night of his decision to stay out.

Hakuho dropped out in the middle of the New Year tournament in January.