Sumo's Yokozuna Hakuho Clinches His 37th Title

Sumo's Yokozuna Hakuho clinches his 37th titleIn professional sumo, Yokozuna Grand Champion Hakuho has clinched his 37th tournament victory.
On Saturday, the 14th day of the summer grand sumo tournament, Hakuho forced out another Yokozuna Grand Champion Harumafuji, maintaining his sole lead with a clean slate.

In the next bout that day, Ozeki Champion Kisenosato suffered a defeat. He had been trailing Hakuho with one loss.

This brought Hakuho his second consecutive title and 37th in his career, with one day left before the final day of the tournament.

Hakuho said he will aim for a victory on Sunday, to finish the 15-day tournament without a loss.

Earlier in the tournament, Hakuho set the most-win record in the top-Makuuchi division by chalking up 880 career wins.