Sumo Wrestler Quits After Admitting Assault

Sumo wrestler quits after admitting assault

A professional sumo wrestler has retired from the sport after admitting to assaulting his attendant, a 23-year-old junior wrestler from the same stable.

The Japan Sumo Association said on Friday that it has accepted Takanoiwa's resignation.

The top-division wrestler from Mongolia admitted to slapping and punching the attendant several times on Tuesday during a regional tour in Fukuoka Prefecture, southwestern Japan.

Takanoiwa dropped out of the tour after the incident made headlines.

The disgraced wrestler was himself the victim of an assault at the hands of a more senior wrestler.

In that case last year, Takanoiwa sustained injuries when then-Yokozuna grand champion Harumafuji hit him with a karaoke remote controller.

Harumafuji also subsequently quit the sport.

The attack on Takanoiwa and a series of other incidents set off a debate about the culture within sumo stables, prompting the association to declare in October this year that it would stamp out violence.