Tamawashi Wins First Sumo Tournament

Tamawashi wins first sumo tournament

In sumo, Tamawashi, a third-ranked Sekiwake wrestler from Mongolia, has clinched his first title.

Tamawashi beat rank-and-file wrestler Endo on the final day of the New Year tournament in Tokyo on Sunday.

He had entered the final day as the sole leader with 12 wins and two losses.

Tamawashi beat all three second-ranked Ozeki wrestlers, using a variety of techniques to push out his opponents. He defeated top-ranked Yokozuna Hakuho in his 14th attempt.

Tamawashi has won his first title at the age of 34. He is the second-oldest wrestler to achieve the feat.

Yokozuna Kisenosato retired from sumo after losing three bouts in a row. He was the first Japanese-born wrestler in 19 years to reach the top rank.