Tiny Six - Year - Old Karate Kid Breaks World Record With 2nd Degree Black Belt

Tiny six-year-old karate kid breaks world record with 2nd degree black beltTINY Karate kid Jake Frood is thought to be the youngest black belt in the world, gaining his honour at just five years old.
Now the six-year-old Leeds schoolboy has got his 2nd degree black belt, unheard of for someone so young.

The gruelling four-hour exam was tough for Jake, who had a flare up of juvenile arthritis and severe hyper mobility disorder, which he suffers from.

But he was on a maximum dose of his painkillers and battled on.

He now hopes to train as a martial arts instructor while at primary school.

Proud mum Kerry, from Meanwood, said: “Although Jake was suffering from a flair up of his juvenile arthritis and severe hyper mobility disorder at the time still managed to get through the four hour test. He was on maximum dose of his pain killers throughout the test and struggled at times but his determination and positive mental attitude got him through it.”

Jake hit the headlines in September 2013 when he tested at Leeds North AEGIS Martial Arts and Leadership Academy in Horsforth and became the Youngest Black Belt in the World at the age of just five.

Since then he has took to competing in British and World Championship Competitions. He has acquired to date 3 Bronze and 2 Silver medals and 1 Championship Belt in British competitions and 1 Bronze medal in the World Kickboxing Championships 2014 in London.

Kerry added: “He tested for his 2nd Degree Black Belt along with 50 other students at the AEGIS Martial Arts and Leadership Academy in Harrogate and passed his 2nd Degree Black Belt, making him yet again the youngest in the world to achieve this standard.

“The test consisted of a 4 hour test, which tested him in his skills of Mixed Martial Arts in Thin Air, on pads, with partner, sparring and grappling.”

She said Jake is extremely proud of his 2nd Degree Black Belt and now has his sights set on achieving his ‘Masters’ grade Black Belt along with continuing his training in becoming a fully qualified Martial Arts Instructor.

His mum added: “He also has a very important competition coming up in November as he has qualified to represent England yet again in the World Championships.