Tokyo 2020 Olympic Marathon Course Finalized

Tokyo 2020 Olympic marathon course finalized

The organizing committee for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games has finalized a marathon course, saying athletes will basically run three laps around central Sapporo.

The Olympic marathon has been moved to the northern city of Sapporo to avoid severe heat in Tokyo.

The organizers announced the route on Thursday after it reached an agreement with World Athletics, formerly known as the International Association of Athletics Federations, or IAAF, and the International Olympic Committee.

The three organizations had approved Odori Park in central Sapporo as the location of the race's start and finish lines, and a 20-kilometer course as the first lap.

But the organizing committee and World Athletics were divided over the remaining more than 20 kilometers.

Earlier this month, officials visited Sapporo to determine what to do about the second half.

The committee, World Athletics and the IOC have agreed to make two laps of the northern half of the 20-kilometer course the second part of the race. Adjustments are to be made to bring the length of the entire course to 42.195 kilometers.

The committee plans to hold a working-level meeting in the city on Friday and launch a task force to prepare for next summer.