Tokyo To Replace Seismic Dampers At Olympic Pool

Tokyo to replace seismic dampers at Olympic pool

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government says it will replace faulty anti-quake devices found at a facility housing a swimming pool to be used in the 2020 Olympics and Paralympics.

The 16 faulty shock absorbing dampers have been found at the Olympic Aquatics Center under construction. Officials say the work to replace the faulty devices will not affect its scheduled completion in February 2020.

The devices were manufactured by the hydraulic equipment manufacturer KYB. The firm admitted last October that it might have falsified test data on seismic dampers that had been installed at dozens of public buildings. The Olympic Aquatics Center was one of them.
Inspections conducted by the Tokyo Government since then have confirmed that 16 of the dampers installed at the swimming facility are faulty and need to be replaced.

The Olympic Aquatics Center has 16 other dampers installed, also made by KYB, but of a type that works by dissipating, not absorbing, seismic energy.

Tokyo government officials suspect that these 16 might also be faulty, but say they cannot be sure until they take them out for a detailed inspection. If found substandard, those 16 dampers will undergo adjustment.

The officials say that they have found no problems with four other KYB-made shock absorbing dampers installed at another Olympic facility--- Ariake Arena.