Universal Sport Karate Free Kid's Self - Defense Sessions

Universal Sport Karate Free Kid's Self-Defense SessionsWith the recent kidnapping and murder cases of Adriaunna Horton and Hailey Owens, parents are searching for preventative measures to protect their children. A Karate studio in Joplin is putting on free self-defense clinics this Saturday for kids to prepare themselves physically. Sensei Gage Hanlon, owner of Universal Sport Karate, wants to give back to the Joplin community by putting on self-defense sessions for children. He wants to teach them how to protect themselves in any situation.

"If we were walking out on the street and someone came up and attacked us, we have learned many different blocks and strikes and places to push that would get them away," said Audrey Cage, Full Brown Belt, 13-Years-Old.

"It's going to be a free event. We're going to have four 45 minute sessions of covering the same material from 2 o'clock to 6 o'clock," said Sensei Gage Hanlon, Owner of Universal Sport Karate.