Young Karate Student Awarded Black Belt After ‘outstanding Performance’

Young karate student awarded black belt after ‘outstanding performance’A 10-year-old boy from Northill has achieved his black belt in karate.
Luca Nizzardi, from Sand Lane, was awarded the belt in Bukonkai karate at a recent grading session.
A member of his local club in the village, Luca was among 22 students who took part in a regional demonstration in Luton.

He was presented with his award by Sensei Lee Williams.

A club spokesman said: “Very well done to all 22 students who took part in the regional Bukonkai karate grading at Luton last week.

“Nearly all students achieved their next level belt and there were some excellent demonstrations of the karate that had been learnt at the Northill club.

“Special congratulations to Anton Homer, who successfully upgraded his junior black belt to an adult grade.

“Congratulations also to Luca Nizzardi, who gave an outstanding performance to attain his black belt at the age of 10.

“Well done too to Dave Williams, who participates in the adult class, and was awarded most improved student.”

The style of Bukonkai karate is Shotokan, the most widespread style of karate practiced over the world.