175r Reveal Pv For 'anniversary'

175R reveal PV for 'ANNIVERSARY'

The PV for 175R's new song "ANNIVERSARY" has been uploaded onto YouTube. 

"ANNIVERSARY" is one of the track included in the band's all-time best album "175R BEST: ANNIVERSARY 1998-2018", which was released on October 3. Directed by Toshi Atsunori, the PV was shot at a high school in Boso, Chiba which closed a year ago. It depicts the youth of high school girls who form a band.

175r To Release All-time Best Album Commemorating 20th Anniversary

175R to release all-time best album commemorating 20th anniversary

To commemorate their 20th anniversary, 175R will release an all-time best album titled "175R BEST: ANNIVERSARY 1998-2018" on October 3. 

The album will be comprised of 20 tracks including their hits "Sora ni Utaeba " and "Happy Life" as well as a new song called "ANNIVERSARY." The songs from their very early days were re-recorded for the album.