Over 200 Flights For Sunday Canceled Due To Storm

Over 200 flights for Sunday canceled due to storm

Airline companies operating in Japan have canceled more than 200 domestic flights scheduled for Sunday due to Typhoon Tapah.

The flights are mostly to and from the southwestern island of Kyushu, including airports in Fukuoka, Miyazaki, Nagasaki, Kagoshima, Oita, and Saga.

Over 200 Flights Cancelled Due To Typhoon

Over 200 flights cancelled due to typhoon

Typhoon Faxai has forced more than 200 flights to be cancelled on Sunday and Monday.

Japan Airlines has cancelled 96 domestic and two international flights mainly to and from Tokyo's Haneda Airport.

New Nissan Leaf Manages Over 200 Miles On A Single Charge

New Nissan Leaf Manages Over 200 Miles On A Single Charge

Nissan’s famous Leaf electric car will now be able to offer you more range. The company updated it back in 2017 and today it has introduced a new version of the Leaf. It’s called the Leaf e+ and can travel 226 miles on a single charge. Nissan says that this represents a 40 percent improvement in range. In the simplest of terms, the car has a bigger battery.

The updated Nissan Leaf that came out in 2017 had a 40kWh battery was good for 150 miles of range. This particular vehicle features a 62kWh battery which pushes the range over the 200 mile threshold.

Death Toll From Record Rains Reaches 200

Death toll from record rains reaches 200

Authorities say the number of deaths from the record rainfall that hit western Japan last week has reached 200. They say 37 people are still missing and 3 people are showing no vital signs.

By region, Hiroshima Prefecture has the highest death toll. 91 people died there. Sixty people have been reported dead in Okayama Prefecture and 26 in Ehime Prefecture.

So Far Nearly 200 Dead In Japan's Record Rain

So far nearly 200 dead in Japan's record rain

Authorities say the death toll from the record rainfall that pounded western Japan has climbed to 193. Another 48 people are still missing. Authorities say 5 people are without vital signs.

Eighty-five of the deaths were in Hiroshima Prefecture and 59 in Okayama Prefecture.