Honda Exclusive To Mclaren At Least Until 2017

Honda exclusive to McLaren at least until 2017Next year Honda will return to Formula One after a seven-year absence, bringing the first Japanese automaker to compete in the top-tier racing series back into the fold. But though it started in 1964 much as it ended in 2008, running its own team (much like Ferrari and Mercedes do today), its new F1 program will see it revert to engine-supplier status (like Renault did when it sold its team to Lotus).

Bmw, Toyota Joint Sports Car To Debut In 2017

BMW, Toyota Joint Sports Car to Debut in 2017The joint sports car project between BMW and Toyota is rumored to make its debut in 2017.
While few details on the project have been revealed so far, some info has surfaced that should be considered rumors for the time being.

Saitama To Host World Bonsai Convention In 2017

Saitama to host World Bonsai Convention in 2017The Japanese city of Saitama will host an international convention on "bonsai" miniature trees in 2017.
The decision was made on Friday at the 7th World Bonsai Friendship Federation Convention in Jintan i China's Jiangsu Province.

Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable Invades Ps Vita January 8th

Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable Invades PS Vita January 8thEDF! EDF! EDF! We are excited to share the news today that Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable will be available as a digital download on PlayStation Vita at the beginning of the year. The game will be available on January 8th, 2013 in North America for $39.99 and players will get to experience all the intense action that the Earth Defense Force can endure.

Mazda To Revive Rx-7 In 2017 Rumor

Mazda to revive RX-7 in 2017 rumorThere is a special place in our hearts reserved for the Mazda RX-7. Its screaming rotary engine made the '80s and '90s a time of high-revving fun. While Mazda continued the rotary with the four-door RX-8, the two are not the same car, and eventually the latter was phased out.