2022 Nissan 400z Coupe Previewed On Video

2022 Nissan 400Z coupe previewed on video

Nissan put an end to years of motley rumors and wild speculation by releasing a short video that shows the next-generation Z for the first time. The flick confirms the yet-unnamed model will arrive as a retro-styled coupe.

The current-generation Z entered production in 2009, so it's very old in sports car years. Enthusiasts worried Nissan didn't know how to replace it, or didn't want to because coupe sales are declining globally. The high-riding Gripz concept introduced at the 2015 Frankfurt auto show was interpreted by many as a nod-and-wink way of announcing plans to take the nameplate into crossover territory. Nissan's preview video sets the record straight: The next installment in the Z story is around the corner, and it will once again take the form of a low-slung coupe.

2022 Honda Civic Next-gen Type R Caught In Spy Photos

2022 Honda Civic next-gen Type R caught in spy photos

Last year, we learned that Honda would be wrapping up production of the Honda Civic hatchback in the U.K. in 2021, and production would move to North America for the next generation. This meant that we were probably only a couple of years away from a new model being revealed. That seems even more likely now that a next-generation 2022 Honda Civic Type R has been caught by one of our spy photographers.

It maintains a number of Type R basics from the current model. It has very wide bodywork, a black mesh grille, aggressive front fascia, and of course a gigantic rear wing. But there are some major changes, too. The body looks to be lower and longer. The hatch has a gentler descent to the stubby deck, and it loses the split rear window. All of these cues give it a bit of a coupe-like appearance. The car's surfacing is cleaner, too, and the rear bumper looks pretty much devoid of fake vents, though there is a provision for a center exhaust tip. Returning to the front, the headlights look lower and not as swept back, but they still have an LED array similar to the current car.

Lexus Lq Expected To Top The Brand's Crossover Offerings By 2022

Lexus LQ expected to top the brand's crossover offerings by 2022

When Lexus debuted the LF-1 Limitless crossover concept at the 2018 Detroit Auto Show, Lexus' U.S. general manager waited roughly six minutes to tell the world, as a way of hinting to HQ in Japan, "We have to build this vehicle." Car and Driver says the GM and his dealers will get their wish when the Lexus LQ crossover takes the top spot in the automaker's range in 2022.

Underneath the "molten katana" design language that looks like an RX sent back from the future to kill an RX named Sarah Connor, we'll find the inner workings of the LS sedan, possibly including the luxury-specific TNGA-L rear- and all-wheel-drive platform. Engines could be ported straight from the LS stable for standard LQ models, meaning — for now — a 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6 with 416 horsepower and 442 pound-feet of torque, and a 3.5-liter V6 helped by two electric motors to produce a combined 354 hp. An LQ F or F Sport model could bolt up the impending twin-turbo V8 and cross the 600-hp mark.

Oguri Shun To Star In 2022 Taiga Drama

Oguri Shun to star in 2022 Taiga drama

The 61st NHK Taiga Drama that's scheduled to air in 2022 has been confirmed to be 'Kamakura-dono no 13-nin.' It will star actor Oguri Shun, and the script will be written by Mitani Koki. 

This announcement was made on January 8 during a press conference at NHK Broadcasting Center. Following 'Shinsengumi!' and 'Sanada Maru,' this will be Mitani's third time writing the script for a Taiga drama. Oguri will take on the lead role of 'Hojo Yoshitoki,' the younger brother of Hojo Masako, who was married to Minamoto no Yoritomo, the founder of the Kamakura shogunate. The drama is said to be a survival entertainment focusing on the 13 people who supported Yoritomo's rule. 

Tepco: Fukushima Daiichi Tanks To Be Full By 2022

TEPCO: Fukushima Daiichi tanks to be full by 2022

The operator of the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant says the tanks for storing water that contains radioactive substances are expected to reach their capacity limit in three years' time.

Tokyo Electric Power Company, or TEPCO, revealed on Thursday that the tanks will become full around the summer of 2022.

Mazda Plans To Launch An Ev In 2020, Plug-in Hybrid By 2022

Mazda plans to launch an EV in 2020, plug-in hybrid by 2022

Thanks to an interview Automotive News Europe conducted with Mazda president and CEO Akira Marumoto, we have more insight on Mazda's plans to lower its vehicle emissions in Europe. This will undoubtedly bring changes to the U.S. lineup, too, but The Continent sees the first fruits in part because Mazda is well over the European Union's fleet CO2 emissions target for 2021 of 95 g/km. In response to how Mazda plans to achieve the necessary reduction, Marumoto said the carmaker will launch its first EV in 2020 and have a plug-in hybrid on the road in 2021 or 2022.

First, some clarification on the emissions numbers and timeline. The 95g/km figure is based on the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) emissions schedule being phased out next year; the AN piece cites JATO Dynamics findings that Mazda Europe's fleet CO2 average is 135.2 g/km.

Japan's Studio Ghibli Theme Park Opens In 2022

Japan's Studio Ghibli Theme Park Opens In 2022

Studio Ghibli’s many fans across the globe will be excited to find out that Hayao Miyazaki’s iconic outfit has decided to open an official theme park in Japan. It was rumored and promised for years that something like this would happen. It was finally confirmed officially this week that Ghibli will indeed be building a theme park in Japan.

Ghibli will team up with the Aichi Prefecture’s government on this project as well as the Chunichi Shimbun newspaper to build the park. While Ghibli merchandise is currently sold by Disney Parks and Walt Disney Pictures had once distributed the studio’s films in the United States as well, this theme park is not going to have an affiliation with Disney’s location in Japan.